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Who we are

Transeunt is a process oriented, client centric, technology driven service utility organization that is your go-to technology partner for all your office automation needs. We are a nimble footed startup, new to the market, but seasoned and well versed with the mechanizations of the industry. We have the right mix of skills, tools and people in place to help you succeed.


We simplify your business requirement and break it down into small and absolute deliverable components.


The simplified business requirement are then tracked as individual use case to transform them into functionality.


The key to outperform is to then integrate all the small components together and deliver a complete package that is unique and efficient.


We believe in Agile culture and provide simplified solutions in accordance with the needs of your business.

Software/app development and maintenance

We specialize in software development, and SAAS, including software for cloud computing.

Product development

We can develop new products or improvise the existing ones you have to enhance business productivity and profits

Automating manual activities

We implement and execute complete automation of manual processes like offline documentation.

Cloud solutions

You do not need to spend on servers and data centers to share and store information.

Office infrastructure

We take care of the entire IT/software infrastructure of your organization.

Security systems

Whether it is authentication and authorization, biometrics, CCTV and vigilance, RFID.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing is our forte alongwith technical and customer support.

Application audits and sanitizations

We ensure that your apps are secure so that there is no chance of hack.

Business Transformation

We overhaul your IT systems and help you bring your processes and technologies.



comprises of 40% Analysis and Design, 30% Development and 30% Test, because we believe you must understand, analyze and foresee the end product.

We have the right mix of skills, tools and people in place to help you succeed.
We are a nimble footed startup, new to the market, but seasoned.

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