Consulting Services

Every organization in course of its journey of growth faces varied challenges wherein it falls short of the requisite knowledge, expertise, vision and oversight.

Our consulting practice helps organizations achieve their growth targets by bringing in their experts that merge industry best practices with the specific dynamics of the organization thereby ensuring minimum disruption to business continuity.

We are a team of experienced and skillful SME's and strive to help our clients in solving complex business and technology challenges. We offer a host of consulting services to cater to your needs.

What we offer

Process Automation

An invoice takes more than 30 seconds to action?

Often seen that small process in the organizations are usually manual and since they are small no one invest on them. Reports have proven the automation of non-productive processes have improved the performance of productive process by 15%. Business process automation consultant listens to your process, explain back the process, creates a streamline process and automates its. And this is that simple.

Business Process Optimizations

Have a traditional organization set up and thus, idea to production is 3 months process?

Many business houses expand their businesses by adding more to their portfolio but never introspect that if the current business can give more value or revenue. Business process optimization consultant reviews your process, interview you and other stake holders, create new process and gaurantees reduced time to market from the first phase onward.

Technology Consulting

Have a business idea and what to develop the product, but don’t know where to start and what all to consider?

63% of the product ideas fail in the first year of launch due to technical challenges and lack of scalability components. Technology consultant works with you as a trusted advisor in idetification of technology, marketing, sales, support, hiring, contracting, expansion plan and even merger plans.

ROI Advisory

The product is in the market for 3 years and still the market share is less then 1%?

All organizations are founded to excel but how do we know that current pace of growth in line to our targetted break even date? A success plan consultant would be able to evaluate the product of yours from mutiple angles and give you the plan of growth with annual success metrices.

Agile/DevOps Transformation

Do you struggle to decide between delivering technical debt v/s business requirrement?

If you think your organizations nature of work can not be supported by Agile framework or your deployment is too complex to automate. Then, its hight time to talk to our expert. Our Agile/DevOps coach will evaluate the application and start working in all the feilds from agility to team emotions to continous integration to behaviour driven development and finally to continous delivery.

Cloud Migration

If you stuggle to keep up the pace with fast changing technology?

Many organizations think that their assets are safer in a traditional compute and storage. The reality is hacking the traditional system is far more easy then the new age security systems. Application mordenization consultant works closely with you and advise you with right approach to adopt for the mordenization. Be it internet security, cloud migrations, hybrid systems or SAAS applications. Lets speak before clouds are gone and its sunny again.

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