Enablement Services

The most important asset for an organization is its employees. It is important that organizations invest in their employees and help them upskill to stay ahead of the curve and in turn help them get better at their job.

As an individual whether you are an employee or a student, learning never stops. In today's fast changing corporate landscape it is important that as an individual one keeps learning and upskilling.

They say knowledge when shared doubles up. We at transeunt firmly believe in this and therefore our SMEs are forever willing to impart their knowledge and experience. We conduct workshops as well as trainings which can be online or on premises

What we offer

Database Technology

Oracle, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, RDS Oracle, RDS MS SQL Server, HIVE or any other SQL/No-SQL Databases.


Complete suite of Informatica tools: PowerCenter, Data Engineering, IICS, Data Governance.

Big Data

Hadoop, HDFS, Spark, Hive, HBase, Pig, Flume


Data Governance and Security

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