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Transeunt is a nimble and agile technology startup that aims to bring the best of class business and technology consulting, training and solutions to its clients to help them automate and optimize their business to achieve multi fold growth. Transeunt is a team of experienced business and technology consultants who are driven by the single mantra of keeping the "client first".

Founded in 2018 by Vikas and Ram with more than 55 years of combined industry experience, Transeunt aims to be the strategic partner for its clients and help them grow and be part of their growth. Rather than having a traditional service/client relationship wherein a the relationship is limited to what has been asked for, Transeunt believes in finding and addressing the actual pain points of its clients as we firmly believe that the real value and a lasting growth can only happen with the core issues are identified and then strategically addressed.


To help our customers succeed and exceed their goals.


To deliver best in class business solutions for our customers through innovation, customer centricity and value based approach.

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We are a team of experienced and skillful SME's and strive to help our clients in solving complex business and technology challenges


We can build custom products for you be it web apps or enterprise grade ERP solutions or a SAAS application. Our team uses modern open source technologies and frameworks to build cost effective business solutions.


With are an experienced bunch of professionals with each being an SME in the chosen field. We help our clients to upskill themselves or their employees so as to get better at their job


Ramping up resources for your organization can be a daunting task especially when skills are at a premium. We help our clients in fullfilling their staffing needs

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