Technology Services

It is no secret that businesses that are driven by technology accelerate at a faster pace than those that continue to run on traditional practices. Digital transformation in today's world isnt a luxury but a must have if organizations want to build an everlasting business. Businesses driven by technology both customer facing as well as internal processes benefit from faster time to market.

We can build custom products for you be it web apps or enterprise grade ERP solutions or a SAAS application. Our team uses modern open source technologies and frameworks to build cost effective business solutions.

What we offer

Application Development

We specialize in software development, and SAAS, including software for cloud computing. Whether yours is a Fortune 500 company or a startup, we are here to develop custom software and apps for you. From software to mobile and web app development, our team of experts will guide and power your business to ensure enhanced productivity and returns on investment. We can develop the most sophisticated software projects, and thanks to our knowledge of most mobile app platforms, we can help you deliver according to your business idea. We are well equipped to develop the architecture for apps and software for all kind of devices and platforms to facilitate communication and exchange of information as well as better audience experience.

Product Development

If yours is a business that offers software-enabled products, we help you with cutting-edge technology, swift turnaround and in-depth understanding of customer’s needs in order to stay ahead of the competition in the modern fast paced market. We have end to end product development services to meet the needs of your business. We not only build new products, right from scratch, but also improvise the existing ones you have to boost productivity and profits of your business. We create new ideas and prototype and test them repeatedly until we are sure they will work for you. We have successfully developed innovative products that work in shortest possible time.

Automations - RPA/Opensource

We implement and execute complete automation of manual processes like offline documentation. Whether it is processes like customer information collection, contracts and agreements, invoices or meeting reminders, automation can help save a lot of time and reduce errors, along with freeing up your workforce so that they can focus better on the core tasks of the business. We offer a wide range of technological solutions to suit your needs and goals.

E2E Data Management solutions - Migration to Warehouse

Data is the lifeline of an organization, its critical asset. Therefore it is important that this asset is discovered, sourced, cleansed, transformed, governed, reported and analyzed correctly, efficiently and securely. Transeunt's team of data professionals would be very keen and willing to help you overcome your data challenges.

Maintenance and Support

If you have existing systems that you need to support or are struggling to enhance them due to any reasons, we would be more than willing to help you out and take that burden off you.

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